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Terms & Conditions (The Small Print)

We ask that our opening hours are strictly adhered to. Appointments are given so that
there is plenty of time to discuss anything you wish to bring to our attention.
That way we can ensure both you and your cat are happy before you leave.

All cats coming to stay with us must be fully vaccinated and you must show an up to date vaccination card, signed and dated by a veterinary surgeon,
We request that you leave it with us for the duration of the stay.
Please make sure you have checked that everything is up to date as inadequate
vaccination records may result in us having to refuse entry to the cattery.
For the protection of other guests we cannot allow unvaccinated cats to stay with us
and there can be no compromise on this.
Note: Feline booster vaccinations are administered yearly and if this has lapsed,
your cat may need to restart the course of two injections 3 weeks apart.
The full course must be completed 2 weeks before commencement of their stay.

Also, please ensure their flea and worm treatment is up to date.
If fleas or worms are seen, we will be obliged to contact your vet
and give treatment accordingly.
The cost of £10 per cat per application will be added to your final bill.

Special requirements such as bathing or application of ointments and so forth may be possible.
If extra assistance is required to facilitate treatment then additional charges may apply
and will be discussed on an individual basis

Guests will be closely observed during their stay to ensure they are eating, using their litter tray
and maintaining good health and condition.  If we are worried about anything at all we will contact a vet, yours if possible, or Moloney Veterinary Clinic, Dunmow (01371 872102)
Out of hours: Vets Now, Witham. (01376 530759)

We will administer the recommended treatment and do our utmost to contact you
and keep you advised and up to date with the situation.
Veterinary fees incurred due to a pre-existing condition, or unrelated to their stay

will be the responsibility of the owner. Veterinary advisement will be the deciding factor..

We do not accept un-neutered male cats over the age of 5 months.
We do not accept un-neutered female cats over the age of 6 months.

All days booked are charged at the prevailing rate
Including day of arrival and day of collection.
We do discourage late collection as we like to get settled for bedtime, particularly in the winter.

Deposits are non refundable and we request that the deposit is paid within 10 days of the booking in order to secure the room, otherwise we cannot guarantee the reservation.

Payment is by Cash or Cheque only. We do not accept credit or debit cards.

All accounts must be settled before departure.
If the amount of food provided by the owners is insufficient for the duration of the stay,
the cost of any extra supplied by us will be added to the account.
For cancellations within 14 days of the start date we reserve the right
to charge the total fee unless we can re-let the accommodation.
For cancellations within a month of the start date we reserve the right
to charge 50% of the total fee unless we can re-let the accommodation.

L ulus Cattery reserves the right to cancel any booking/s without notice should
a client behave in a manner that we deem as unreasonable and we also reserve the
right to refuse to accommodate any animal that we consider unsuitable for boarding.

If a cat is not collected at the pre-arranged time and we do not hear from you within
7 days thereof, we reserve the right to consider the cat homeless
and we will take steps to re-home at our discretion.

In the sad event that a cat passes away while in our care we will endeavour to
contact you or your designated person to act on your behalf, indicated on your
booking form. We will then decide how best to proceed.

Whilst every care and effort is made to ensure the health and well being
of all the cats in our care, animals are boarded entirely at their owners risk
and upon acceptance of our terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.

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General Data Protection Regulations 2018