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L Lulu's L Luxury B Boarding C Cattery

Lulu Lulu’s Lulus Luxury Boarding Cattery CM6 Essex Stebbing Dunmow Takely Rayne Braintree Stansted Stebbing Green Caroline Finlay  

About L ulu’s C attery

Close enough to Stansted to be convenient but far enough away not be bothered
by noisy planes and traffic
Feline only boarding; no doggies to disturb
the peace or cause distress.

Tranquil atmosphere with classical music playing
during the day, although we do love Zoe Ball
first thing in the morning to wake us up !

Soft night lights automatically come on at dusk so we are not suddenly plunged
into total darkness at night. Contrary to popular belief,
cats cannot see in the pitch dark any more than we can.
Their eyes are however, able to reflect very faint light rays, so they only need a
small amount of light in order to see, just in case of needing a midnight wee !

All our guests receive personal attention but if you have a nervous furry or a
first-timer, please be assured that we will make the time to give them an
extra bit of TLC. Everything is provided for their comfort but feel free to bring
something to help them feel secure in the unfamiliar surroundings.
If you bring bedding, please ensure that it is washed first.

Regarding medication and minor treatments, please see Tariff.

About The Owner, Caroline Finlay

It had long been an ambition of mine to open an exclusive boutique hotel for felines  
and It has been the best fun to think of the themes and furnish the rooms.
However I do know what’s most important :
Hygiene, Animal Best Practice, Care and Attention to Detail and lots of Cuddles
When designing
L ulu’s I wanted it to be somewhere that I would be happy
for my own cats to stay.

As well as living with cats for many years I have had the pleasure of working with animals since 1997 when I joined the RSPCA. I was there for four years and actively involved in the inception and running of a new cattery block. The training I received under the guidance of my manager Maxine Gillespie was invaluable and I learnt so much from one of the most respected and knowledgeable people
one could hope to meet. Subsequently, and for more than ten years,
I enjoyed working at Moloney Veterinary Clinics.
In 2004 I completed a course at Writtle College to become an Animal Nursing Assistant, gaining a pass with distinction. I will always value the training and guidance I received at the practice and now enjoy a continuing relationship with my friends
and colleagues there. I am indebted to Senior Vet and owner Jerry Moloney
who gave me the opportunity to have such a great experience.



About L ulu

L ulu came to live with us when she was
8 weeks old and stayed with us
for almost 17 years. She was affectionate, fluffy
and liked to be held like a baby
Never hissed or scratched
(unless you were a mouse Or a Vet)
we will always miss her.

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